Every day we read linear arrangements – like writing with shape and texture.

My work is a construction of various alignments, grids of objects, irregular arrangements and story telling details with a goal of refining unexpected elements into graphic phrases.

They are finite with a beginning and an end, like a sentence.

As words relate to other words by grammar and syntax, images relate to other images by the visual – shape, shadow, and texture, and the emotional – politics, religion or morality.

As one would step back from the horizon to see a curve, I look at a linear line and see an opportunity to create a story.


Although walking in public is not a solitary activity, we maintain a certain level of privacy.

We reserve the right to control the level of interaction up to and including the total disregard of others. Cities are too big, populations too large to do otherwise.

But what of the moment of passing?

By capturing this moment, the camera creates the illusion of intimacy in a scene we recognize as merely another random passing. Noses seem to touch. Eyes seem to meet. An arm, following the arc of its natural movement, seems to be reaching out in a greeting.

These false encounters conjure up feelings of intimacy. In reality, drained of sentimentality, the participants become as rigid as the edifices that surround them and emerge as structured forms.